Written and recorded 8th October 2014

For Mark

Art by Ysabel Lemay

(Detail from ‘Inspiration’)


The first time my old electric guitar (about 20 years old!) has ever been used in a recording… this track is two acoustic guitar parts and one electric, one vocal track and four harmony vocal parts… lyrics were made up as I went along, hope you like it!

For Stefano https://soundcloud.com/mydearkiller

A song about not forgetting your dreams and your passions, for which I owe my friend Stefano much

Artwork: “The Fire Within” (2014) by Ysabel Lemay - used with kind permission from the artist - please check out her amazing work at www.ysabellemay.com - the lyric to this song was inspired by this piece!!

Written 1st/2nd July, recorded 2nd July (first attempt/mix)
Thanks for listening, and cheers for dropping by :o

On April 4th this year, I managed to injure my foot by getting it stomped on whilst attempting to play sports :0( I compounded the injury by ignoring it and drinking heavily, since it was a Friday night after all… I woke up the following day with a throbbing foot as well as a raging hangover. Feeling sorry for myself, I stayed in all day playing my guitar and recording a bunch of new ideas, resulting in about nine new song sketches. Since then, I’ve recorded a few of them and these are the resulting tracks from the ‘Broken Foot’ session.

My foot was fine.

Super stuff from Seattle…

Check out some of these beautiful tunes from James Horbett…



Demo version of a new song written and recorded 7th/8th May, 2014

Artwork: Detail from “The Fire Within” (2013) by Ysabel Lemay

Used with kind permission from the artist - many thanks again Ysabel!!

Please check out her amazing work here:


Written and recorded 4th May 2014

May the 4th be with you

Photography by Mike Aitken; Design by Chris Syme

Based on a chord sequence I came up with after my 5-year old nephew asked me to write a song called ‘Rise Of The Snakes’. This is also my first attempt at playing bass, albeit on the same guitar I use for everything.

Artwork by Ysabel Lemay

Used with kind permission - thank you Ysabel!Check out her gallery here: www.ysabellemay.com

Music written and recorded by Chris Syme, 22nd April 2014

Written April 5th, recorded April 16th.

Artwork by my sister Carolyn.

My song archive:

'Viewforth' (Feb, 2014)

The lyric was inspired by a school trip to the Firth of Forth where we sailed under the Forth Bridge on a misty day. The song title is also a reference to the street in Edinburgh where my old school is/was :o)

Favourite Albums:

Jon Anderson - “Olias of Sunhillow” (1976)